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ESB INFO / 6-2024 "SUMMER"

The ESB spring season has come to an end. Nearly 70 players participated in the season's highlight, the ESB Spring Games.

Now it’s time to celebrate those who have completed their studies, new graduates, and students heading into their summer holidays. Congratulations to all!

The summer season for badminton players is, as usual, full of activities. Children's summer camps begin at the start of the month and run until Midsummer. Summer training is available for both adults and junior players.

Important summer dates:

  • 1.6.2024 ESB summer season begins

  • 3.6.2024 Summer training groups start

  • 3.-7.6.2024 SUMMER CAMP I

  • 10.-14.6.2024 SUMMER CAMP II

  • 7.-19.6.2024 SUMMER CAMP III

  • 8.-14.7.2024 ESB ON HOLIDAY

  • 15.-21.7.2024 ESB ON HOLIDAY

  • 12.8.2024 Autumn training groups start


Registration forms for the autumn 2024 groups are now open.


You can find the groups, group descriptions, and registration forms on the ESB website under => "Groups". (


Register for the groups directly in MyClub:

if you encounter any issues, please contact

! Remember, those who were in the groups last season also need to register for the autumn season groups

If you are interested in competitive training (at least 3x/week) and competing, read more at and contact

The guided autumn training sessions start on Monday, August 12, 2024.


Summer is a great time to practice techniques and enjoy playing badminton. Join the ESB summer training sessions. Both new and more experienced players are welcome. Junior summer training is intended for ESB school, junior, and hobby group members. Summer training and summer games are also available for adults.

  • Tuesday 17:30-18:30 / Juniors / Training + games

  • Tuesday 18:30-20:00 / Adults and competitive juniors U17-U19 / Training + games

  • Wednesday 17:00-18:00 / Adults + competitive juniors U17-U19 / Training

  • Wednesday 18:00-19:30 / Summer games / Adults + competitive / Games

Separate registration is required for summer training and summer games. Register in ESB’s MyClub or "ESB Events" -Nimenhuuto account

The price for junior summer training is €10/session (non-members €15). The price for adult summer training is €20/session (non-members €25).


Summer camps are starting. The basic daily program includes badminton practice, free play, physical training, and other activities.

The info will be updated as necessary.

You can find answers to many daily questions about the club's activities on these pages.

You can follow ESB activities on Instagram and Facebook. Like and follow:

On Instagram: "ESB_sulkapallo" /

Have a great summer and enjoy training sessions!


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