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Shuttlecocks of Feather

Keep You Moving

We deliver to our member real feather shuttlecocks for personal use. Typically in the club practices we use shuttles offered by the club so that you don't need to bring your own shuttles. Currently the club is selling the following shuttles:

RSL Classic Tourney:
Victor Smash It 1

Li-Ning Super 1000

Victor Smash It 2

Victor Smash It 3


If you want some shuttlecocks for your own use, you can order them as follows:

Li-Ning / RSL

1) Member needs to download Sulkakauppa application to phone (Apple/Android)
2) Create a personal account
3) Link ESB store to personal account -- Important!!! To make the link you'll need this:

CLUB USERNAME: EspoonSulkapallo


It is very important to link the club store to your personal account as it is required to purchase shuttles from the club.


This way of dealing the shuttles helps our employees in workload of shuttle sales and decrease the shuttle prices for our members. The club doesn't own these shuttles, only delivers those from club store to the player.




1) Register as a customer in Victor store

2) Fill out your own information and for "yritys" (company) fill ESB

3) When first registering it might take a while for Victor to accept the registration and move you to "Espoon Sulkapallo-Badminton" discount group. If in a hurry, please contact 050-1337.

4) Now you can purchase Victor Smash It 1, 2 and 3 shuttles at a discounted price. For delivery options, choose "nouto ESB:n varastosta" (pick up from ESB storage).

5) Arrange a time for pick up with Hemppa: +3584I5O15827. Please send a screenshot of the payment receipt and arrange the pick up on WhatsApp. 

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