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Serving a Shuttlecock

Playing in Competitions

Competitive badminton is fun; you'll meet new opponents and make new friends. There are several competition opportunities to choose from, tailored to your age, skill level, availability, preferred location, and playing categories. There's definitely a suitable level for everyone.

For recreational tournaments, no license is required. However, an official competition demands a license.

Getting Started with Competitive Play - SSuL Guide

  1. Read the guide.

  2. Purchase a license and insurance.

  3. Confirm your membership in the player registry through the received email link.

  4. Register on the Badminton Finland Tournamentsoftware system.

  5. Sign up for tournaments.

Note: There might be a slight delay in registration; be patient after completing the steps.

Instructions: / => License To participate in national competitions in your country, you need a license  (

If you're buying a license for a child, first register yourself as a guardian on Suomisport's system.

REGISTRATION / BADMINTON FINLAND TOURNAMENTSOFTWARE (TSW): => "Register" => follow the instructions.
You'll receive the required player number during the license purchase.
Check player number:

For national competitions, register through the Badminton Finland Tournament Software.
"Log in" => follow the instructions.

Official shuttlecocks are used in tournaments. You need to acquire the shuttlecocks yourself (in some cases, the registration fee includes shuttlecocks - this will be mentioned in the tournament invitation). Shuttlecocks can be ordered and bought through ESB's platform (Sulkakauppa-application) or often at the badminton halls during tournament events.

COMPETITION LINKS: Sulkapalloliitto (Badminton Association):

License is a permit for competing in Sulkapalloliitto's (Badminton Association's) events (e.g., national junior and adult competitions). No license is needed for recreational competitions (e.g., CJS, ESBGameJam, Hobby categories). Insurance is available for both practice and competition events when purchasing a license.


If you need help with licenses, registration, or tournament sign-up, feel free to ask ESB's coaches at the hall or send a message to

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