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with over 40 years of experience

ESB is a badminton club founded in 1978. It has over 650 members and is thus one of the biggest in Finland. ​The club operates mostly in Forever Matinkylä, where it offers badminton training to all regardless of their level and age. The club has two full-time coaches taking passionate care of the operations quality and club values. Our target is to give a welcomed feeling to everybody and a hobby which can be enjoyed through a life-time.

Our main offering is training in groups. Our training groups play weekly and one registers to those for one half-year season at a time. Many of our players take more than one group. All our groups and coaches operate in both English and Finnish.

We gladly help any new hobbyist, or someone who has just moved to the town, to find themselves a suitable playgroup and friends to play with. 

Once a month we organize an event where we play a little and hang out together. We also like to organize tournaments for the competitive players, like the international Finnish Youth / Finnish Junior or ESB Premier Elite.

Sometimes we stop playing badminton and go do something totally different.

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