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ESB offers badminton trainings for players of all ages and skill levels. All trainings are conducted by our energetic coaches, dedicated to bring You fun and efficient sessions. Training group registrations and fees cover one full season in the autumn or spring at a time. We start the autumn season in the beginning in August and the spring season in January. Our training groups and their descriptions can be found below.

Note! Existing club members can register directly in our MyClub system:


When signing up for a training group you become a member of the ESB association at the same time.
You will be sent a separate membership fee bill.

Please read more about the membership here: Club Membership | ESB


Family Badminton. The badminton moment of the day! Kids of ages 3 to 5 get to have fun and learn badminton together with their parents. Parent-involving games and balloons ensure a good time! Both children and their parents get to learn badminton with our energetic coaches.
Mini Badminton. Kids of ages 5 to 7 get to know badminton and learn the basics. Sessions contain a lot of fun games: we guarantee plenty of action and movement!
Newcomers and beginners. Contains technique and game trainings + playing.
Meant for 9-13 year old children interested in badminton. The groups are a good fit for newcomers and those with some experience. Players learn the basics of badminton and get to enjoy the feeling of movement. Fits players with no competitive targets. However, they can join various competitive events offered by the club.
Advanced group for more experienced junior players. Contains technique and playing.
Meant for 9-13 year old children who have already practiced badminton. The groups are a good fit for those training a couple of times a week. The groups offer versatile movement and exercises developing badminton skills. The players have no competitive targets, but if they want to, they can join various events offered by the club.
Groups meant for 14-18 year old youngsters interested in badminton. There are groups suiting beginners and for those who have already played a bit. Our target is to offer a nice hobby containing healthy movement. The players have no competitive targets, but if they want to, they can join various events and tournaments offered by the club.
Groups for adults interested of movement and badminton. We offer a nice environment for one to move and learn the badminton corner stones. Our target is to make badminton a joyful hobby for you of which you can enjoy for a long time.
The club facilitates quite a few different just-play groups, where there is no coaching. In case you'd like to have new opponents and are ready to meet new people and to get some good rallies in your game, you're welcomed to try the clubs just-play groups.
Groups meant for kids and teens interested in competing. We offer professional coaching and the chance to aim as high as possible. The players will learn to train with targets in mind and to enjoy competing. The players are taught responsibility and commitment without forgetting that it all should base on joy and fun.
Groups for adults who've become crazy about competing. We offer different levels of competition groups from highest to lowest classification. Our professional coaches help the players to develop their own game and to find joy from even the toughest training. Players target to reach their own top level.
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