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Become a Member

and enjoy the benefits

Our club has over 650 members. The oldest ones have retired and the youngest ones are still in kindergarten. Their common nominator is the interest to badminton. It gives them joy from the viewpoints of movement, common activity and community.


  • You can join training/just-play groups

  • You can join ESB badminton camps

  • You can buy shuttlecocks from Sulkakauppa application and fetch them from the hall

  • You can buy FZ Forza badminton products with reduced prices:

  • You'll get to register to Badminton Finland regulated tournaments and to represent ESB


  • Juniors (under 20) 25€

  • Adults 40€

  • Family 49€ (persons living in same postal address)

  • Support membership 20€

  • Organisational membership 500€

  • School group membership 0€

When joining as a member during the autumn season the fee is half price for that year.

When you join a training group you'll automatically join the club and you'll be charged for the membership fee in the same invoice. In the future years you will receive a separate membership invoice.

Please inform us if you want to end your membership. Giving up your spot in a training group does not automatically end your membership.

In case you just want the membership without any training group, email us:

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