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How We Operate?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


ESB a common-good non-profit organizations whose mission is to move people, especially children, with badminton. The club employs its professional badminton coaches, but the club management contains only volunteers.


ESB is mainly training in the Forever Matinkylä hall but also in some schools in its neighbourhood. ESB does not own the courts, it rents them from Forever Matinkylä. In case you want to just reserve an hour on a badminton court without any coach you can do it directly from the Forever Matinkylä's reservation system.


The prices for training groups are for one season (autumn / spring) at a time. Only club members can join the training group, thus the membership fee is added on top of group fee for new members. The membership covers a calendar year. We offer the membership for autumn season at half price.


All the training groups are paid by using invoice (email/PDF). We are not accepting cash, credit/debit cards but we do accept sport benefit payments (ePassi, Smartum, Edenred). If you plan to use employee benefits to pay for your training, we ask you not to pay using that method until you have received the actual ESB invoice. Kindly add the ESB invoice number to the message field when paying through the app.

In the adult groups you'll get the invoice after approximately one month after the season has started. In the junior groups the invoice is sent after the season has started. Unpaid invoices will be sent to Intrum for debt collection. All questions regarding invoices shall go to

Registering to Groups

Register to a group directly through these web pages using thethe groups listing (MyClub) or the questionnaire forms, or using email to Once the suitable group is known, you can go to the training, where you inform the group instructor. If it appears that the group is not the right level of play for you, the instructor will find you a more suitable group. Trying out a group is free.

YOUR PLACE iN the group

Your registration to a group is binding. You can try once for free. If you inform to leave the group the term of notice is one month. During this time the club has the chance to find some one to fill your spot. In case you join a group after the season has already started you'll pay what's left of the season.

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