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ESB info - Summer and Autumn 2022

ESB info - Summer and autumn 2022

ESB Junior groups spring season ends on 29.5.2022, and therefore during the last week all junior group will have a season ending party, where they are practicing "all time favorite" exercises and of course playing matches. Players can take some snacks (candy, chips etc.) with them. Ascension Day 26.5. brings some changes to training: – Forever Matinkylä is open from 07:00-22:30 – No junior group or competition group training – Adult groups are playing (also basic match groups are playing normally) On Friday 27.5. all training groups are working normally. ESB summer camps: - Kesäleiri 1 (6-10.6.) - Kesäleiri 2 (13.-17.6.) - Kesäleiri 3 (20.-23.6.) - Kesäleiri 4 (1.-5.8.) ESB organizes also the camp for the junior nationalteam group level players. More information: Adult groups are continuing training normally during June. Last training session will be on Wednesday 22.6. There might be some small changes in groups or times, but all changes and other summer training possibilities will be informed separately. Forever opening hours 1.6.-31.7.2022: - Mon-Fri 8-21 - Sat 9-15 - Sun 12-21 The Metropolitan Trophy final will be played on Friday 20.5. at Tali Tennis Center, starting at 18:30. The match, where Espoon Sulkapallo-Badminton (ESB) meets Helsingfors Badminton Club (HBC) begins at 18:30.

Venue: Talin Tenniskeskus, Kutomotie 4, 00380 Helsinki More information

Free entry. Welcome!


Registration forms for the autumn season 2022 are opening on Wednesday 25.5. Registration and more information: - ESB myClub - ESB web site: - Email: and ESB contact form / Are you interested in more competitive training or would just want to improve your technical skills or try our playing groups? Coaches are there for you and helps to find the right group/s to you.

Autumn season begins in August. ESB will inform all group members later about the starting. More information about the groups and the autumn season will be published and updated in


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