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Registration forms for autumn groups are open

Recommend our groups also to your friends in terms of fitness and the joy of exercise. In autumn, there are many new groups for all ages and skill levels.

! Please remember that you have to register for the autumn groups, even if you have participated in the spring groups. Children's summer camps and summer practice sessions start on Monday, June 5, 2023

Important dates / changes in practice times:

1.6.2023 Forever summer season begins 5.6.2023 Summer training and camp begin 5.-9..6.2023 SUMEMR CAMP I 12.-16.6.2023 SUMMER CAMP II 19.-21.6.2023 SUMMER CAMP III ESB:n SYYSKAUDEN 2023 HARJOITUSRYHMÄT

Registration and more information: - ESB myClub - ESB kotisivu - Email and ESB contact form / Are you interested in competitive groups and more goal-oriented training? Would you like an additional training group or are you interested in one of our game groups in addition to training? Our instructors are happy to help and give tips on suitable groups.

Please remember that the registration for the autumn season groups must be done, even if the player was already in the groups in the spring season.


Summer is a good time to practice technique and enjoy playing badminton. Come and join ESB's summer training.

Both new and experienced players can join. The juniors' summer training is intended for ESB's schoolchildren and hobby junior group members.

Summer training and summer games available for adults.

- Tuesday at 17:00-18:00 / Juniors Hobby / (training + games)

- Tuesday at 18:00-19:30 / Adults / (training + games)

- Wednesday 17:00-18:00 / Juniors / Badminton physical exercises + games

- Wednesday 17:00-18:30 / Adults / Summer games

- Wednesday 18:00-19:30 / Adults + U19 / Competition (level Elite or A) / Summer Games Registration via ESB myClub or "ESB Events" -Nimenhuuto /

! You don't need to join the ESB Evernts team, it's enough to sign up at the bottom of the page under "Report a non-team player" The price of summer training for junior players is €10/training session. (non-Esb €15)

The price of adult summer trainig is €20/training session. (non-Esb €25)

The price of an adult training is €16/time

The fee includes courts, shuttlecocks and coaching. All payments are invoiced.


The basic program of the camp day includes badminton training, playing, physical training and additional exercise. The fun games, competitions and skill challenges will certainly be familiar to everyone.

There is also a separate camp program for beginner competitive players.


! More information about ESB Club clothes from ESB website More information


We deliver to our members real feather shuttlecocks (Li-Ning & RSL) for personal use. Typically in the club practices we use shuttles offered by the club so that you don't need to bring your own shuttles. If you want some shuttlecocks for your own use, you can order them as follows:

To purchase shuttles

1) Member needs to download Sulkakauppa application to phone (Apple/Android)

2) Create a personal account

3) Link ESB store to personal account -- Important!!!

To make the link you'll need this: CLUB USERNAME: EspoonSulkapallo PASSWORD: ESBpallot

You can get the shuttles from ESB coaches (Teguh/Sami). (Shuttles sales & information)

! supplies also other badminton equipments

These posts are giving answer to many daily questions about pricing and invoicing, groups etc.

You can also follow ESB's activities from:

Instagram: ”ESB_sulkapallo”

Facebook: ”Espoon Sulkapallo-Badminton"

Have a nice summer and great training moments!


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