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Winter Holiday Camp

for juniors
mon 21.2. - tue 22.2.2022

Take your shoes, badminton racket and come to practice and play badminton with your friends. Training groups for new competition and hobby players. Experienced competition players have also their own training groups. Camp program includes badminton basic skills training, warm lunch and of course a lot of playing in a safe environment. Our instructors are trained to work among children and coaching. ESB provides all the shuttles and other needed equipment. Coaching in Finnish and English. The camp is designed for kids between 7 and 15 years of age.

The basic camp day schedule includes 


Päivän tarkempi ohjelma kerrotaan leiripäivänavauksessa ja seuraavien päivien erikoisohjelmasta tiedotetaan aina erikseen. The active camp program lasts from 9am to 3.15pm, but there's a coach at the hall every camp day from 8am to 4.15pm. 

8:00    Hall opens
9:00    Camp day starts
9:15     Warm-up
9:30    Badminton practise
11:15     Lunch
12:00   Free time + Coach challenge
13:30   Badminton + outdoor and inside activities
15:15    Snack + shower
15:30   Camp day ends


At the camp, we make sure that our activites meet current COVID-guidelines. E.g. washing hands and safety distances are enforced.

Our instructors are ESB employees and are trained in working with children and coaching.


Forever Matinkylä, Matinkartanontie 1, 02230 Espoo



90€ (members), 100€ (non-members)

The price includes coaching, courts, shuttles, meals, snacks…

Camp organizers haven't insured camp members. It’s recommended to each player to have their own leisure time insurance. (For example Sporttivakuutus / SSuL or other).



Welcome to ESB Camps - It's fun, it's cool, it's BADMINTON

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