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The greetings from the chairman of ESB

Dear ESB members, as we are closing end of 2023, let’s review some of the major activities where ESB members attended:

• National Championships in February

• Junior and Senior Championships in March

• ESB Premier Elite 2023 in April

• Summer camps: 3 x successful camps

• More coaching power as Alan Afwanil joined in August.

• Young Coaches –training event provided for our assisting coaches.

• Arctic Open attendance for 80 ESB juniors.

• ESB juniors escorting Arctic Open Men’s Doubles players.

• FZ Forza Finnish Youth: we successfully arranged yet another international tournament!

• Monthly Game Jams, those great family events :) :)

These are all on top of our daily and weekly trainings provided by our professional coaches and our assisting coaches! Quite nice list, wouldn’t you say! So, what’s up for 2024, then?

For 2024 we have planned the following additions to support our members even more:

• Quality coaching has been the guideline for ESB. We intend to maintain this and therefore added Alan Afwanil to ESB coaching team.

• ESB has provided training for our assisting coaches and continues to do that. Interested? Please contact our coaches!

• ESB aims to provide coach or coaching competition player to support our players in every tournament in the Capital area tournaments.

• ESB provides development path for goal-oriented, at least three times a week training competition player including one-to-one discussion with coach.

• we have many fun events that we’d like to share so we’ll be more visible in Social Media!

• in addition to ESB Premier Elite 2024, we’ll arrange Finnish Youth/Junior 2024

Unfortunately, we can’t continue with current pricing. The increased costs are hitting ESB operations as well, forcing us to increase training fees by approx. eight percent. The new pricing will be enforced by approval of 2024 budget. New prices will be applied from January onwards. Despite the increase, please consider that our price per training session is still very competitive! Also, knowing that ESB offers FZ Forza clothing and equipment to our members in reduced prices may be comforting news as well.

I hope the reading above has given you some positives how ESB is serving its members. To get more insight into this, ESB autumn meeting on Nov 28th is a great opportunity to meet with Board members, have insight into plans for 2024 and even apply for Board membership. We have a seat available as Terhi is completing her term, having served ESB for 7 years in the Board. Terhi, thank you for your commitment to us!

There are still some badminton events remaining during 2023. I’m sure you have already marked this one in your calendar: December 16-17, National Team Championships in Forever! We’ll give all our support there to team ESB before taking a brief holiday season break. Year 2024 is then just around the corner. Let’s make 2024 an active ESB year!

On behalf of the ESB board Ari Vartiainen, Chairman of the ESB board


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