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Summer greetings and agreement related topics

Dear ESB members,

summer has arrived as we are past midsummer. Many of us are now

considering other summer activities instead of badminton. Hardcore

players practice and workout still, though, in order to maintain the

condition they have gained through hard work and joyful pushing during


During spring time the ESB board has prepared new agreements and group

prices for players. These are applied to the new season starting

1.7.2024. Target for renewal is to clarify and simplify pricing and

invoicing, as well as knowing terms for certain changes. As part of

this renewal ESB is terminating all previous player agreements by this

announcement. Termination of agreements does not require action from

players' part, as members enter into new terms and agreements as they

sign for autumn season 2024.

You'll find all groups from ESB club homepages . Please select suitable groups for yourself and register already now, so you can just enjoy and relax the

rest of your summer :)

I wish all ESB members an enjoyable and relaxing summer time!

Ari Vartiainen

Chairperson of ESB Board of Directors


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