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Metropolitan Trophy: ESB-TS 20.8. 17:30

New national top badminton series "Metropolitan Trophy" starts this Friday with on ESB home court against Tapion Sulka (TS). The match starts at 17:30 in Forever Matinkylä and it contains 5 games: men's and women's singles, doubles and the mixed doubles. The match will take approximately 3 hours. There's a free entry to see the match, and with corona precautions (distancing, masks) taken into account, we hope to see spectators cheering ESB's top players to win. All the matches will also be available live from the Solid Sport service: Note; the streams takes a small fee. One match is 5 €, and the whole Metropolitan Trophy season is 39 € The schedule: DATE HOME GUEST

8/20/2021 ESB TS

9/3/2021 HBC Badu

9/10/2021 PuiU ESB

9/24/2021 TS HBC

10/15/2021 Badu PuiU

10/22/2021 HBC ESB

11/5/2021 TS PuiU

11/12/2021 ESB Badu

11/19/2021 PuiU HBC

12/3/2021 Badu TS

12/10/2021 TS ESB

1/14/2022 Badu HBC

1/21/2022 ESB PuiU

1/28/2022 HBC TS

2/4/2022 PuiU Badu

2/11/2022 ESB HBC

3/4/2022 PuiU TS

3/18/2022 Badu ESB

4/1/2022 HBC PuiU

4/8/2022 TS Badu Let's cheer ESB to victory!


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