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The biggest yearly junior badminton event here in Finland, Finnish Junior, is soon here! This event is to take place in Otahalli, Espoo, on 28.-30.10. It is organized by Badminton Finland and ESB together.

Finnish Junior is a badminton event for the whole family. It contains two tournaments: "Junior" (U19) category as a Badminton Europe sanctioned tournament and the "Youth" containing categories for U9-U17. Both tournaments are full of international players. The hall is a really big sports arena and contains a lot of space to spend time and enjoy the atmosphere full of junior badminton. Those children which are not competing act as score displayers or play their own games in the hall. Parents are watching their children compete and enjoy the offerings from the cafe :-)

In order to make this event happen, we need a great amount of volunteers to run it. Let's give the opportunity for the future "Axelsens" and "Mototas" to experience an international event on the home soil -- join us, register as a volunteer from the link below!

For more information about the event please visit -- please also follow the event on Instagram and Facebook.

With gratitude, Badminton Fanatic, Badminton Finland Board Member, ESB President Matti Mäenpää

"Badminton is Life!"


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