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Dear ESB member! It´s time for summer games! This summer you´ll have the opportunity to play almost as much as you want to by getting the summer card provided for ESB members by Forever Matinkylä. ESB SUMMER CARD 2022:

– The card is valid 1.7.-31.7.2022 – The card can be bought at the Forever Matinkylä reception – The price of the card is 39€/person. The card is personal. - With the summer card you can play as much as you want to on FREE COURTS - You can not book courts or play for free on any pre-booked courts - The card includes ONLY badminton, NOT gym or other services - Always show the card at the reception - Players without the summer card, pay normally for the courts

The booking situation can be checked by forehand:

Forever Matinkylä opening hours 1.-31.7.2022:

MON 8:00 - 21:00 TUE 8:00 - 21:00 WED 8:00 - 21:00 THU 8:00 - 21:00 FRI 8:00 - 21:00 SAT 9:00 - 15:00 SUN 12:00 - 21:00

Remember that registration forms for the autumn season are open in ESB myClub and See you on summer badminton court!


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