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2. Week of Summer Camps: Highlights

The camp concluded with a water gun fight, like last week.

On Monday, we warmed up into camp atmosphere: we got acquainted with each other and learned som badminton basics.. Our delicious chicken lunch was delivered by the restaurant Wiskarila. After lunch and our candy sale, we played fun games outside and badminton inside. The goal of our coach challenge - a daily skill competition - was to serve shuttles into moving boxes. The winner was awarded with treats. After stretching and eating our daily snack, everyone left to spend their summer day.

The Octopus Game

On Tuesday, we started off outside, where we competed in relay running and played football. After lunch, we delved into the wonderful world of overhead shots. Everyone got together to play badminton in President format, where the winner moves along one court until they reach the President's court.

Lauri kills the shuttle.

On Wednesday, we did a rhythmatic exercise to great music. Then we practised offensive play: The smash shot at the backcourt was followed to the net to play the finishing shot. The day's highlight was our beach trip. We swimmed, enjoyed the sun and bought ice cream from the gelateria. Some even buried others in sand.

Burial #1: Jaakko

Burial #2: Jerry

When one attacks, another defends. Therefore, we had to practice defense on Thursday to avoid disturbing the Holy Balance. In the afternoon, we visited the nearby woods to play around on the rocks. We played catch with different kinds of balls and had fun with in the natural environment.

Lauri and John return to the roots of humanity and create fire.

On Friday we got to practise moving around the court and play games before a delicious McDonald's lunch. The most epic events of the camp awaited in the afternoon. Three teams competed in three events: the Badminton Quiz, the team tournament and the obstacle course. And of course, the camp concluded with the legendary water gun fight.

Team tournament

Oona is cooled down.

Thank you for an amazing week, soon it's time for the last one!

- Alina, Henri, Mikko, Riikka, Samuel, Oona


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