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The Effects of Coronavirus Situation to ESB’s Operations

Expectations on how our club reacts now are varying. The instructions the club received on Friday from the city to control the corona virus spreading strongly suggest us to move all junior and children’s training groups to outdoor activities, and stop all adult training sessions permitting only the top athletes to continue. And according to the Finnish Olympic Committee, we have only few players on such a level, and their training is arranged by the Badminton Finland association.

I believe that we could arrange our club operations indoors almost in full scale safely. Badminton is afterall an individual sport, without any close contact, and the amount of players on courts we can control. The consequences for pausing the youngsters and childrens’ activities is also quite worrying. Some badminton clubs have already decided to continue training indoors, some don’t.

On the other hand, if Finland could succeed just by one month’s lockdown activities to calm down the corona virus situation, we could start the spring season with full speed and on all training groups. This is why it might be wise to show an example of this kind.

To my understanding our club has the financial qualifications to act according to the instructions given. Then, this is what we shall do.

Thus the changes to club operations from Monday 30.11. onwards are:

  • Coaching indoors is stopped. It is time to have the Christmas break, start again the basic physical training and move outside to exercise.

  • The youngsters and children groups are to be offered common exercise and sport moments outdoors. As the popularity for such groups is probably not as high as the indoor badminton sessions, pre-registering is required. Our coaches have here new things to organize, as the sessions probably will be held in different places and times. More information will follow.

  • ESB will free up all its courts from the hall.

According to the overall recommendations these restrictions are valid at least until 10.1.2021 (originally 20.12.). We aim to continue in full on January 11th. Questions about the outdoor trainings by email to

Let’s stay healthy!

Matti Mäenpää

President, Espoon Sulkapallo-Badminton r.y. (ESB)


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