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ESB Autumn Season Begins on Monday 24.8.2020

When arriving in Forever Matinkylä it is a common rule to use the dressing rooms for changing into sportswear. Outdoor shoes should be left in appropriate places in the dressing rooms or at the entrance of the badminton hall. Other equipment, bags and valuable objects are advised to take with into the hall. Persons who have registered for training groups are met by the coaches/instructors at the ESB information board (in front of court 10). It is good to be on time. After this the players are escorted to the courts reserved for the training group in question. Players, please remember to wear appropriate clothes for indoor exercise (t-shirt, shorts/skirt, non-marking indoor shoes), water bottle, own racket (if possible). If required, a racket can be borrowed. Shuttles and other equipment needed are provided by the instructor of the group. The training will be operated in special circumstances taking extra care and following instructions:

  • Hand washing before and after the training, toilet visit etc.

  • Disinfectants are available during the training. We also recommend players to take their own hand disinfectant and keep it at their sport bag and use it.

  • We are avoiding all unnecessary contacts (no contact team sports or exercises, hand shakes or ”high fives”)

  • Players are using only their own racket and drinking bottle.

Note! The composition of the groups can change due to school schedules, age and skill or other reasons. There will surely be a suitable, inspiring and badminton skill developing group for everyone!


Autumn season 2020 / Mon 24.8.2020 – Sun 20.12.2020 * Autumn holiday Mon 12.10. – Sun 18.10.2020 * Christmas holiday Sat 21.12.2020 – Sun 6.1.2021

Spring season 2021 / Thu 7.1.2021 – Sun 30.5.2021 * Winter holiday week 8 / Mon 22. – Sun 28.2.2021

Groups will start:

– Mini- Badminton groups: autumn season 24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021

– Junior groups: autumn season 24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021

– Adult groups: autumn season 24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021 – Senior groups: autumn season 24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021 – Match grops: autumn season 10.8.2020 / spring season 2.1.2021

– Contract players: autumn season 10.8.2020 / spring season 2.1.2021

If you haven't found your group yet or if you have questions about ESB's groups: Groups: Contact: or use contact form


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