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ESB INFO / 4-2023

Spring is coming. In badminton that means a of badminton events for example ESB PRemier Elite, Hobby tournament for juniors, ESG GameJam and torunament trip to Tallinn and of course our great summer camps. Also some small changes coming to our weekly program due to Easter holiday (changes informed lower and ESB calendar and the ESB blog) ESB annual spring meeting 14.4.2023 Official and mandatory topics are discussed at the meeting.. More information ESB Game Jame 15.4.2023 Come and play at a monthly badminton event where you can play matches against players at your own level. Also adult event matches will be played in groups.

ESB PREMIER ELITE (22.-.23.4.2023) The main tournament of the season. Come and cheer, see the best finnish players on the court. Some international visitors are also coming. Premier elite includes categories in Elite, A, B and C-level. Registration (ESB players) Tournament info in english for our international badminton friends Hopefully you can also come and help us to make this important event memorable for everyone and you.

JUNIOR HOBBY TOURNAMENT 23.4.2023 ESB Premier Harraste, the Junior tournament for hobby players will be played at the same time with premier elite, on Sunday 23.4., in categories U9, U11, U13, U15. More information from the ESB coaches and from the ESB web site

Important dates / changes in training

07.04.2023 Easter - no training (Forever closed 16:00=>) 09.04.2023 Easter - no training 10.04.2023 Easter - no training 14.04.2023 ESB annual spring meeting 15.04.2023 ESB GameJam, Forever 22.-23.4.2023 ESB Premier Elite, Forever 23.04.2023 Junior Hobby tournament U9-U11-U13-U15, Forever 23.04.2023 Forever training at 15:30-16:30 => moved to Forever at 16:30-17:30 27.4.2023 Matinlahti school's sport hall closed 27.4.2023 Matinlahti school training groups at 17:00-18:00 => moved to Forever at 16:30-17:30 27.4.2023 Matinlahti school training groups at 17:00-18:00 => cancelled 1.5.2023 First of May - no training (Forever closed) 13.-14.5.2023 ESB tournament trip / Tallin 5.-9..2023 SUMMER CAMP I 12.-16.6.2023 SUMMER CAMP II 19.-21.6.2023 SUMMER CAMP III

ESB TOURNAMENT TRIP TO TALLINN (NGP-3, 13.-14.5.2023 TALLINNA, EST) ESB organizes a tournament trip to Tallinn. The brand new venue, Lenne Sulgpallikeskus, invites all junior badminton players to compete in Noorte GP-3 event. Junior classe U11-U19 vill be played also in B-categories. More information: Registration: ESB BADMINTON SUMMER CAMPS 2023 Welcome to ESB summer camp. Summer camp program includes basic badminton training, a warm lunch and of course a lot of playing in a safe environment. The camp is meant for junior hobby players and players who already have badminton experience. (We'll also organize a camp/training for higher level competition players) ESB Summer Camps

ESB CLUB CLOTHES: ! Forza club clothes available during the ESB Premier Elite. More information

ESB SHUTTLE SALES: We deliver to our member real feather shuttlecocks (Li-Ning & RSL) for personal use. Typically in the club practices we use shuttles offered by the club so that you don't need to bring your own shuttles. If you want some shuttlecocks for your own use, you can order them as follows: To purchase shuttles 1) Member needs to download Sulkakauppa application to phone (Apple/Android) 2) Create a personal account 3) Link ESB store to personal account -- Important!!! To make the link you'll need this: CLUB USERNAME: EspoonSulkapallo PASSWORD: ESBpallot

You can bring the shuttles from ESB coaches (Teguh/Sami). (Shuttles sales & information) ! supplies also other badminton equipments ESB BLOG / CALENDAR / ESB GROUPS / GENERAL These posts are giving answer to many daily questions about pricing and invoicing, groups etc. , You can also follow ESB's activities from:

Instagram: ”ESB_sulkapallo” Facebook: ”Espoon Sulkapallo-Badminton" ! And then something special...would you like to be a volunteer in Paris 2024 Olympic Games (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED) Have a nice spring!


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