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1. Week of Summer Camps: Highlights

The camp concluded with a water gun fight and this photo.

On the first day, we got acquainted with each other's names, the camp's rules, the forehand serve and other essentials. We did rhythmatic exercises to great music, played lots of badminton and also did limbo. Meatballs by the restaurant Wiskarila proved highly popular along with the camp's candy cantine. The winners of the daily coach challenge - a skill competition - were rewarded with treats.

Ashaz makes a leap for it.

Ninad falls off a football.

On the second day, we did more stuff outside: first on the field next to the camp hall and, after lunch, on the beach. The water was surprisingly warm. The bravest even wanted to be thrown into the sea off the pier by a coach. After the sunny action we played badminton at the hall.

Limbo was the favorite obstacle in the course.

On the third day, we practised moving on the court in an offensive fashion: the smash at the back court was followed up to the front to kill the return. We also speed-carried coaches, played musical chairs and badminton with a "shoe game" twist.

Team 2 won the thriller.

We started off Thursday with football, basketball and ultimate frisbee. We also played lots of badminton, for example in the President format, where a point's winner moves forward one court toward's the president's court. We also handed out ESB's old sports clothing and took in everyone's McDonald's orders for Friday.

Too hot? We have the fix.

On Friday, we got to practice front and side court shots before enjoying a delicious McDonald's lunch. Players were then divided into four teams that competed in three sports: physical movements, badminton and an obstacle course. The camp culminated to a fierce water gun fight at the field next to the hall.

We, coaches, are very greatful for the attendees' amazing attitude. Soon it's time for round 2!

- Alina, Henri, Mikko, Oona, Riikka, Samuel


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