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The price for each training group is for one season (spring or autumn). 

In general one training group has around 18 sessions every season. This may vary a depending on holidays. 

To enroll in a training group you need to be an ESB member. Training group fee does not include membership fee

Training for under 20-year-olds is subsidised by Espoo city. 

Prices always include courts, shuttles and coaching and ESB Game Jam which is held usually once evert month. One training session is one hour. 

Pricing for hobby groups and competition groups are the same. Players participating in competition group trainings are expected to be committed to regular training at least three times per week. Some of these trainings may be longer in duration, performed on their own and/or outside the badminton court. 

Hobby groups (under 20-year-olds) 

Training sessions are held in Forever Matinkylä (Matinkartanontie 1, 02230 Espoo). 

For players training three times per week or more, we offer "package deals". If you are interested in a package, please contact your coach to discuss which training sessions you could attend. Your coach will help you make a weekly schedule and work out a package deal that best suits you! 

Pricing for training sessions per week:
1 session: 250 €
2 sessions: 500 €

3 sessions: 600 €
4 sessions: 700 €
5 sessions: 800 €

Competition players U11-U13 (around 7-12 year-olds)

These groups train several times per week and attend tournaments. To train in competition groups it is required to have a competition license and to compete in tournaments. Coaches will monitor the improvement of players and discuss with parents if needed. Training sessions are planned to develop both technical and physical capabilities needed by badminton players and normally last 1-2 hours. Coaches will choose the groups for players based on age and level. 

Pricing for training sessions per week:
3 sessions: 600 €
4 sessions: 700 €
5 sessions or more: 800 €

Competition players U15-U19 (around 13-19 year-olds)

These groups consist of players that have been competing for a longer time. Coaches will monitor the development of players at a personal level and plan the training program based on each player's individual needs and requirements. 

Players will receive an own training program planned to improve both technical and physical skills required in badminton.  

Players will have a possibility to attend morning training sessions. Training for high school students will be coordinated with school, URHEA and Finnish Badminton Federation when needed. Players are required to be commited to training and to compete actively. Coaches will choose the groups for players based on age and level. 
Training prices are higher for older competition players because of increased shuttle use and need for courts. 

Pricing for afternoon/evening training sessions per week: 
3 sessions: 700 €
4 sessions: 900 €
5 sessions or more: 1100 €
ADULT PLAYERS (20-year-olds and older)
Adult hobby groups

Prices for adult hobby groups vary and can be seen in MyClub. We do not offer "package deals" for adult hobby players training several times per week. 

Prices include courts, shuttles and coaching. Training sessions consist of 60 minutes of training and playing matches for the rest of the time without coaching. 

When planning the training our coaches will take into consideration the level of the group and player. Coaches will also help the player to find a group that best suites their level and advice on choosing the right tournament for those who want to participate.

1,0h groups: 315 €/season
1,5h groups, with 0,5h of playing without coaching: 340 €/season

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